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It all began in a small, two bedroom apartment on New York City's Lower East Side. Like many aspiring filmmakers (who sometimes pulled shots of espresso to pay for their habit), our fearless leaders struggled to build a business with sweat and chuzpah.

To be sure, the early beginnings of Hot Pepper Studios were probably like the garages of entreprenuers who started companies such as Hewlett Packard and Apple. Our digs didn't smell like gasoline and we didn't have to hop over a lawnmower to get to our editing table, but it was almost possible to stretch out your arms and touch two opposing walls.

In 1994, Hot Pepper Studios moved to Portland - or "the homeland" as it was called in those days - and set up shop in somewhat larger digs in the outer Pearl (aka Old Town). Business was good. Award winning work was done. The crew was getting comfortable.

In a bold move, Hot Pepper relocated to a renovated plumbing supply building on Southeast Division Street. It was a sleepy location with a collection of car repair shops, a printing company and a fortune teller. Within months of moving in, Stumptown Coffee Roasters set up in the building, and Pix Patisserie and Lauro Kitchen opened their doors. The fortune teller went out of business (did they see that coming?) and Hedge House took over its space.

Things have a way of looking up. We're a 'glass is half full' kind of company.

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Brad Smith

Brad Smith, founder of Hot Pepper Studios and Executive Director of the fabulous WebVisions conference

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